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Sougwen Chung

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Chung’s “Virtual Ink” contributes to her on-going research practice exploring and expanding the boundaries of collaboration between human and non-human.

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Using improvisational and computational forms, Chun creates a narrative.  Yet, her practice goes well beyond the discovery of novel artistic tools, for the act of drawing now becomes about ritual and world-building

Chung has been exploring the poetics of various modes of mark-making across myriad disciplines, including virtual reality, robotics and AI systems.

“A line is a contour of a lived experience, and when you can evolve the nature of that line, you can change your nature.   Like a kind of awakening.  In gestural, dimensional tools like the ones I’ve developed in VR, they become part of my imagination you can inhabit; a real, remembered space.” – Sougwen Chung

Sougwen Chung

Virtual Ink“.

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