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Maria’s works explore human emotions, creating a visual dialogue between abstract and classic figurative painting.  The artist explores different painting techniques, as well as performance art, installation, and sculpture.

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Maria’s fascination with discovering new visual dialogues by employing both abstract and traditional figurative techniques on the canvas make the paintings in “The External Human Condition”.

After focusing on abstract expressionism for a period of time Marina created these new works, between abstract expressionist and traditional figurative techniques.  Her practice expanded into using different materials on the canvas such as gold dust, spray paint, gold leaf, oil pastel and oil paint.

The abstract pieces resemble explosions of emotions, which are translated by the use of bright and vivid colours, referring to the complicated inner world of human nature.

The External Human Condition is an intriguing invitation for looking beyond what’s before our eyes.

Marina Gonzalez

The External Human Condition“.

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