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4Me4You Features - -  “Flowers in the Desert”.


4me4you visits Pontone Gallery which showcased the artist Yigal Ozeri - “Flowers in the Desert”.


Yigal Ozerii is a photo-realist painter whom presents us with a suite of urban scenes of New York and in thematic contrast,  a series of paintings of a solitary model posing in Red Rock Canyon  in the Nevada desert, near to Las Vegas.  

Closely observed and fastidiously rendered in his trademark technique, the images possess a startling sense of immediacy and palpable presence. The paintings of the model in the dessert are seductive and glamorous.  Carefully groomed and sleekly elegant, she is arranged in self-contained splendor in a dramatic and austere landscape.

The painter plays the rich reds, gauzy whites, and sumptuous pinks of her clothing against the subtle, honeyed tones of her flesh.  The canyon is described in grey and ochre herself.

All is suffused and revealed by the intense light of the Nevada sun.  The painter’s subject seems to act as a kind of modern-day nature spirit.  

“Flowers in the Desert”

ARTIST: Yigal Ozeri