ARTIST: Matteo Massagrande - 4me4you

4Me4You Features - Matteo Massagrande.


4me4you visits Pontone Gallery which featured the paintings by Matteo Massagrande.


A tension plays out in these outwardly calm and controlled images. The subject, a point in time and space, is elusive, constantly changing and sitting on the edge of perception. 

Massagrande’s careful rendering of his systematic and forensic observations makes paintings of rich visual density, which effectively capture and pin down a significant moment within his rigorous method.

An important factor in shaping the artist’s unique abstract line and dot work, derives from his experience in using different creative tools from indoor to street, such as paint brushes,  computer graphic programs, spray cans, paint markers and so on.

His technical accomplishment is evident in their subtle expression, where he deploys a masterful and meticulous command of colour and tonality.

ARTIST: Matteo Massagrande