ARTIST: Henrik Uldalen - 4me4you

4Me4You Features- “Love in Exile” .


4me4you visits JD Malat Gallery which featured the artist Henrik Uldalen - “Love in Exile” -  


Udalen draws inspiration from philosophers like Nietzsche and Sate, to arrive at his current approach - darker backgrounds, looser contours, experimentation - the philosophical questioning brings freedom in this new body of work.

Through “Love in Exile” the artist seeks to realise and accept the fact that existence is meaningless, which brought him to look for a walk out of an existential  crisis.

Reflecting on his private experiences, he brings to life the push-pull relationships between love and loneliness,

drowning and escaping, by portraying his figures and their inner battle.

“Love in Exile” 

Through “Love in Exile” the artist seeks…

Reflecting on his private experiences…

ARTIST: Henrik Uldalen