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4me4you features - "Hysteria".


4me4you visits Gillian Jason Gallery which featured "Hysteria"


Daisy Collingridge, Eve de Haan, Zarina Khan, Yaya Yajie Liang, Tolu Magbagbeola, Abigail McGinley, Michelle Nguyen, Mizuki Nishiyama, Cosima Ross, Esther Sarto, Sitaara Stodel, Olivia Valentine.

The misunderstanding of the female anatomy throughout history has led to an endemic misdiagnosis and lack of treatment for both physical and mental health conditions in women. ‘Hysteria’ sheds light on systemic injustice and the consequences of gender-bias on contemporary medicine through the work of twelve international female artists.


ARTIST: Daisy Collingridge,  Eve de Haan,  Zarina Khan, Yaya Yajie Liang,  Tolu Magbagbeola,  Abigail McGinley

ARTIST: Michelle Nguyen,  Mizuki Nishiyama,  Cosima Ross,  Esther Sarto,  Sitaara Stodel,  Olivia Valentine.