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allegoric ‘Ecopack’ collection by DZHUS. The conceptual brand has interpreted the recognisable types of packaging in garments design to draw attention to the importance of recycling. Inspired by the visual and structural peculiarities of boxes, packets and wraps of all kinds, DZHUS transformer clothing can also be modified into bags, to encourage consumers for choice of reusable containers. With its multi-purpose and ethically manufactured pieces, DZHUS suggests a revolutionary method to minimise customers’ shopping and diversify their wardrobe at the same time.

The “Unpacking” video takes us to heavily contaminated areas around DZHUS’ native city, Kyiv, showing that an ‘ecological disaster’ is not something to do with a grotesque apocalypse perspective, but with our today reality. To enhance the surreal impression of these depressing places, DZHUS populates the wastelands with ghostly heroines rising from the ubiquitous trash, be it a dump, a polluted forest, or a single abandoned lunchbox. These mutating existences incessantly change their shape and the whole environment. Demonstrating diverse ways to utilise each object and contraposing the consumeristic treatment to the conscious approach to packaging, DZHUS emphasises the choice between the irrevocable consequences for the humankind and a ‘happy ending’ of this chapter.

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