ARTIST: Thrush Holmes - 4me4you

4me4you features What’s it all for?


4me4you visits Unit London Gallery which featured the artist Thrush Holmes - What’s it all for?.


What’s it all for?, presents the artist’s continuing drive to push the limits of a familiar yet specific motif.  Engaging with the art historical legacy of still life.  Holmes works explore the many permutations that can be found within a single subject.

What’s it all for?

demonstrates the artist's intimate and highly developed relationship with the material.  Neon lights weave their way through each piece, creating what the artist refers to as “illuminated gestures”.  These gestures thread seamlessly through various compositions in a process that is neither overly precious nor unthinking.

Holmes has been incorporating neon into his works for over a decade, treating it in much the same way as he does paint. 

A sense of balance reigns over each piece as the various mediums synchronise through complimentary colours and tones.  Holmes views his artworks almost as pieces of music or theatre.

ARTIST: Thrush Holmes