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4me4you Features - ‘bridging the gap between art and science’.


4me4you features the artist TheeeNourah, - ‘bridging the gap between art and science’.


Nourah AlAjmi, also known as “TheeeNourah”, is a distinguished artist who seamlessly bridges the gap between art and science. With a solid foundation in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, she holds a Master of Science in Infrastructure and Project Management from Brunel University London.

  • This technical expertise is uniquely fused with her profound passion for the arts, resulting in a body of work that reflects both analytical precision and creative vision.

  • Nourah’s artistic journey is deeply influenced by historical figures such as Leonardo da Vinci, Richard Feynman, and Jaber bin Hayyan.

Artist: TheeeNourah
Artist: TheeeNourah
  • Their multifaceted contributions inspire her blend of scientific inquiry and artistic expression.

  • Her art is characterised by innovative problem-solving and a commitment to lifelong learning, continually exploring new frontiers in digital and multimedia arts.

  • Her dedication to merging the analytical with the imaginative propels forward-thinking ideas in the art world, making her a transformative figure in contemporary art.

  • Nourah continues to push the boundaries of her craft, sharing her vision and inspiring others through various platforms.

Artist: TheeeNourah
Artist: TheeeNourah