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Based in Scotland, Nick Smith is a renowned contemporary artist celebrated for his unmistakable pixelated style. Through his art, Smith ventures into the captivating realm where imagery meets pixels, blending elements of fine art with facets of popular culture.


Recently, 4me4you had the delightful opportunity to explore the RHODES Contemporary Gallery, where the works of artist Nick Smith were on display.


  • For more than ten years, Smith has meticulously refined his artistic approach, embarking on a journey of exploration that began in 2011 with his innovative experiments in abstraction and collage.
  • It all started with an audacious endeavour: reconstructing Warhol’s iconic Marilyn using only colour swatches. This marked the genesis of Smith’s artistic odyssey and the emergence of his distinctive style.
  • By harnessing the power of colour swatches, Smith delves into the convergence of imagery and language. This fusion enables a multifaceted exploration of contemporary cultural icons and historical art concepts. Often narrative in nature, the textual component of his work beckons the viewer to delve beyond the surface.

Artist: Nick Smith 
  • From afar, the pixelated ‘image’ emerges, while the words remain legible only upon closer inspection. This manipulation of perspective invites viewers to engage with his art on a tangible level, inciting contemplation.

  • Positioned beneath or amid the colour swatches, the words disrupt the empty spaces between the patches of pigment. This additional layer of language either challenges or complements the accompanying imagery, beckoning the viewer closer—quite literally. Ranging from expansive compositions to intricate details, Smith’s creations play with scale.

Artist: Nick Smith 

Artist: Nick Smith