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4Me4You Features - ‘Final weekend’.

Artist: Natalie Terenzini

4me4you features the artist Natalie Terenzini - ‘Final weekend’.


4me4you recently had the pleasure of experiencing the captivating exhibition at PM/AM Gallery featuring the talented artist Natalie Terenzini. At the heart of her showcased body of work lies a couple, elegantly depicted within richly toned interior settings. Departing from her previous focus on singular female figures, often resembling herself, Natalie's portrayal of this duo delves deeply into themes of romance and intimacy.

Through the canvas, Terenzini masterfully constructs scenes where outside elements, such as a glowing moon and distant stars, interact with the interior space. An arched window serves as the threshold between the external world and the intimate setting within. The moon, partially obscured by clouds, casts its ethereal glow into the room, creating a palpable atmosphere that transcends mere visual representation.

Terenzini’s artistic prowess shines through in her bold and vibrant paintings, which skillfully capture the essence of human connection and emotion. These elements form the foundation of her work, seamlessly blending the tangible with the ephemeral.

In her piece titled “Afterglow,” the interior space is inhabited by the intertwined figures of the couple, suggesting a romantic entanglement. Yet, beneath the surface of intimacy lies a complexity of emotions, hinting at concealed narratives and unspoken tensions. Through this portrayal, Terenzini challenges conventional depictions of love, reminding viewers of the quieter, more contemplative aspects of relationships.

Artist: Natalie Terenzini

Unlike her previous works featuring solitary figures, this series marks Terenzini’s exploration into dual subjects. Each painting showcases the same couple in various settings, drawing inspiration from the artist’s own life experiences. Symbolic objects scattered throughout the scenes imbue them with a sense of history and lived reality.

Artist: Natalie Terenzini

While Terenzini’s paintings exhibit fantastical elements, such as exaggerated colors and elongated forms, they paradoxically convey a heightened sense of realism and accessibility. These surreal elements serve to amplify the emotional intensity of the depicted moments, juxtaposed against the mundane backdrop of everyday life.

Artist: Natalie Terenzini
Artist: Natalie Terenzini








Through her art, Terenzini invites viewers to contemplate the profound nature of human connection, transcending the superficial trappings of drama and excitement. In doing so, she crafts a nuanced portrayal of romance that is both enduring and authentic.

Gallery: PM/AM Gallery