Artist: Lucienne O'Mara - 4me4you

4me4you features - ‘through the grid’.


4me4you had the pleasure of exploring the Gillian Jason Gallery, where the spotlight was on the works of artist Lucienne O'Mara in an exhibition titled 'Through the Grid'.


Lucienne O'Mara's works stand as powerful entities, not just abstract expressions, but tangible reflections of the artist's journey through the grid - a journey that is as personal as it is a re-evaluation of the female voice in contemporary takes on Modern Art


Recently, 4me4you had the delightful opportunity to explore the Gillian Jason Gallery, showcasing the remarkable talent of artist Lucienne O’Mara. O’Mara’s artworks unravel the conventional constraints of the grid, embracing its boundless potential while seamlessly integrating freehand geometry, vibrant colours, and expressive brushwork.

  • Her engagement with the repetition of squares within squares infuses her pieces with a harmonious chaos, evoking a poetic resonance that mirrors the complexity of life itself. As a living entity, O’Mara’s work delves into the intricate web of relationships and connections, highlighting the inherent impossibility of true separation between elements and emphasising the interconnectedness of existence, perception, and the act of observation.
  • Central to O’Mara’s artistic expression is the dynamic force of colour, which takes on a primary role in her visual vocabulary.  Through the interplay of colours, she articulates emotions and experiences in a non-verbal, visceral manner. 
  • Additionally, the physicality of paint holds immense significance for the artist, as her paintings navigate the delicate balance between visible depth and flatness, transforming into tangible objects that embody the interplay between materialism and illusion.

Artist: Lucienne O’Mara