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4me4you Features - ‘OWN JUSTICE’.

Artist Kathy Murillo 


4me4you recently had the pleasure of visiting ST.ART Gallery, where the work of artist Kathy Murillo was on display.


Incorporating a rich tapestry of mediums including painting, collage, video, sculpture, and interventionist works, Murillo continually pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. 

Central to Murillo's practice is a deep-seated commitment to exploring the complexities of belonging. 

By employing a diverse range of techniques and themes, they delve into emotional awareness, societal dynamics, and the intricate interplay of identities and experiences within contemporary society. 

Artist Kathy Murillo 
  • Murillo’s personal encounters with the Dutch legal system inspire a profound examination of justice, particularly in cases of sexual aggression. 

  • Through symbolic imagery like the altar of justice and the unyielding swing of the gavel, Murillo exposes systemic failures that perpetuate these crimes, critically challenging the notion of justice that often neglects the survivors.

Artist Kathy Murillo