Artist: Jeremy Olson - 4me4you

4me4you features - ‘Grotto Domestic’.


4me4you recently had the pleasure of visiting UNIT LONDON GALLERY, where the artist Jeremy Olson's captivating works were on display. 


In "Grotto Domestic," the artist explores subterranean environments to examine concepts of time and enclosed spaces through the perspective of their signature cast of otherworldly creatures.

‘Grotto Domestic’.

  • This series of works raises the question: are these grottos natural formations or man-made constructs? The ambiguity is intentional, as organic rock formations and pools of water are juxtaposed with sleek modernist furniture and sculptural artworks, blurring the lines between nature and human design. The themes of confinement are further mirrored in the gallery space itself.

  • The works evokes a vision of a post-work or post-scarcity world, where cave-like spaces offer the illusion of endless time. Freed from societal pressures, the depicted creatures lounge leisurely or become absorbed by electronic screens, embodying both luxury and isolation.

  • The artist, Olson, contrasts streamlined modernism with seclusion, compelling viewers to ponder whether these environments are sanctuaries of relaxation or traps that hinder interaction with the outside world.

Artist: Jeremy Olson

WEBSITE: Jeremy Olson