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4me4you Features - ‘crossroads’.

Artist: Jenya Datsko


4me4you recently had the pleasure of visiting the Gillian Jason Gallery, where the artist Jenya Datsko's exhibition "Crossroads" was on display.


"In this collection, women remain immersed in their own thoughts, traversing different stages of a journey of introspection.” - Jenya Datsko

Datsko draws parallels between the twists and turns of unfamiliar roads and the unpredictable paths of existence, capturing moments of introspection and pause amidst life's chaos.

Each painting encourages the audience to reflect on the roads they’ve traveled and the ones that lie ahead, resonating deeply with the universal human experience.

Artist: Jenya Datsko
Artist: Jenya Datsko
  • In “Crossroads,” Datsko’s series of paintings delves into the complexity of the female experience through the intimate gaze of women immersed in their own universe.

  • “In this collection, women remain absorbed in their own thoughts, traversing different stages of a journey of self-discovery and introspection,” says Datsko.

Artist: Jenya Datsko
  • “This series is constructed like an intricate tapestry, referencing my own experiences, travels, and memories.

  • The idea of traveling is unpredictable; sometimes you’re a passenger, other times you must take the wheel, sometimes you need to brake and rest, and at other times you have no choice but to accelerate.”

  • This notion of a “journey into the unknown” has profound psychological implications, addressing themes of uncertainty and adventure in life. Datsko is fascinated by the human tendency to seek security and certainty, yet she recognises that personal growth often emerges from facing the unknown.

  • By exploring and embracing this idea, Datsko invites viewers to discover that emotions such as fear, loneliness, and ambivalence can be powerful vehicles toward personal fulfilment.

Artist: Jenya Datsko