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4me4you features the artist Hera Kim. Named after the goddess 'Hera' from Greek and Roman mythology, Hera draws inspiration from her mythological namesake in her creative journey.


Inspired by her name, Kim has been captivated by Greek and Roman mythology since childhood. This fascination sparked a deep interest in Renaissance culture, which she explored through reading books and visiting museums. These experiences have profoundly influenced Kim’s artistic journey, blending mythological themes with Renaissance art.

  • Growing up with a mother who is a German florist meister, Kim learned about flowers from a young age and became skilled in various decorations and crafts. Her time studying in Italy allowed her to observe the evolution of Renaissance genres and their impact on contemporary culture.

Artist: Hera Kim
Artist: Hera Kim
  • Despite her passion for art, Hera also had a strong interest in science and technology. She pursued a degree in chemical engineering at university while continuing to refine her artistic skills.

  • Today, as a florist, visual director, and AI artist, Hera strives to embody the spirit of the Renaissance in her works. She draws upon her diverse interests and experiences to create pieces that seamlessly blend art and technology.

Artist: Hera Kim
Artist: Hera Kim