Artist: Heesoo Kim - 4me4you

4me4you features - “Normal Life”.


4me4you recently had the pleasure of visiting Unit London Gallery, where the artist Heesoo Kim was featured.


In his work under the overarching theme of "Normal Life," Kim priorities capturing the pure human condition, allowing viewers to observe innate human psychology without excessive pictorial stylisation.

“Normal Life”

  • He achieves this by minimising the figures, depicting them in casual repose with bold lines and a flat perspective.

  • Kim’s paintings are characterised by compact structures and rich, earthy tones, which lend a melancholic quality to his large-scale works.

  • By avoiding concrete narratives, he creates a space where his characters can simply exist. This lack of predefined stories makes the imagery intriguingly peculiar, prompting viewers to ponder and introspect.

  • Kim’s portraits do not attach to any specific personhood, allowing viewers to see themselves in the work, thus materialising the idea of self-reflection.

  • By encouraging this projection, Kim underscores how the ordinary can be extraordinarily significant.  His figures often float against dark, ambiguous backgrounds, subtly engaging with the pervasive sense of insecurity and anxiety in today’s hectic world.

  • Having struggled with his own insecurities, Kim’s portraits serve as both a personal and collective catharsis, recording the feelings and emotions that connect us all.

Artist: Heesoo Kim