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4Me4You Features - ‘TOKYOVERSE’.

Artist: Geoffrey Bouillot


4me4you recently had the delightful opportunity to explore the captivating exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery, showcasing the remarkable works of Geoffrey Bouillot.


Geoffrey Bouillot, a French artist residing in Tokyo, Japan, is celebrated for his monochromatic figurative paintings distinguished by their sleek lines and contemporary flair.

Drawing from a rich multicultural background, Bouillot seamlessly merges influences from Manga, Pop Art, Cubism, and Italian Futurism, crafting a distinctive style marked by a fusion of techniques and aesthetics.

Artist: Geoffrey Bouillot
  • His deliberate choice to exclusively employ black and white hues enables him to hone in on the essence of his subjects, capturing their forms and textures with precision and clarity.
  • In his series “Tokyoverse,” Bouillot finds inspiration in Tokyo’s dynamic street-style culture, particularly the evolution of Japanese street fashion originating from the vibrant alleys of Harajuku.

  • Here, he adopts a streamlined, minimalist approach, juxtaposing monochromatic backgrounds with striking depictions of female figures adorned in fashion-forward attire and futuristic floral arrangements.

  • Skilfully utilising the shapes and contours of clothing, Bouillot imbues his compositions with a sense of dimension and depth.

  • Immersed in the creative pulse of Tokyo, Bouillot’s work beckons viewers into a world of geometric precision and monochromatic vibrancy, reminiscent of the bustling fashion districts of the city.


Artist: Geoffrey Bouillot