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Venturing once again into the captivating realm of artistry, we present a compelling collection of works by Dmitry Mishin, an artist who began his creative journey on Instagram.


Mishin has rapidly garnered attention for his bold and thought-provoking pieces, which explore the intricate intersection of art and censorship in the digital age. His work particularly focuses on the stringent bans imposed by AI services on the depiction of nudity, a topic that has sparked considerable debate and discussion within the artistic community.

  • Mishin’s approach is both innovative and courageous. He delves deep into the complex world of AI censorship, where algorithms often fail to distinguish between art and inappropriate content.

  • These AI systems, designed to maintain a certain level of decorum on digital platforms, frequently impose broad and sometimes overly restrictive bans on nudity. This can encompass even the most innocent and artistic representations of the human form, stifling artistic expression and limiting the scope of creative freedom.

Artist: Dmitry Mishin
Artist: Dmitry Mishin
  • Through his experiment, Mishin skilfully navigates these digital restrictions. He employs intricate descriptions and carefully crafted scenarios in his artwork, pushing the boundaries of what AI can comprehend and classify.

  • His goal is to maintain the integrity of his artistic vision without veering into vulgarity or explicitness, thus challenging the capabilities and limitations of AI censorship. This delicate balance not only tests the technological constraints but also raises important questions about the role of AI in regulating art and the potential consequences of such control.

  • Mishin’s endeavour is more than just a personal artistic journey; it is a broader commentary on the future of art in the digital age. By pushing the limits of AI’s ability to handle sensitive content, he invites viewers to consider the implications of automated censorship and its impact on artistic expression.

  • In doing so, Mishin’s work preserves the essence of art, advocating for a future where creativity is not hindered by the algorithms that govern our digital spaces.

Artist: Dmitry Mishin
Artist: Dmitry Mishin

Artist: Dmitry Mishin