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4me4you features “Why are photos with imitation of the damaged film so popular? ”


4me4you highlights the artist Dmitry Mishin and his inquiry into the popularity of photos imitating damaged film.


Venturing once again into the captivating realm of artistry, we bring forth a collection of works by Dmitry Mishin, an artist whose journey commenced on Instagram. 

  • Posing the thought-provoking question, “Why are photos imitating damaged film so popular?” To create them is much easier than creating realistic images.

  • Dmitry’s exploration initially began in photography. However, amidst his leisure moments, he unearthed a profound fascination with AI-generated art. 
Artist:  Dmitry Mishin
Artist:  Dmitry Mishin
  • This serendipitous discovery led Dmitry to embark on a creative odyssey, merging his photographic expertise with the innovative possibilities offered by image AI. 

  • Now, we delve into Dmitry’s latest series of works with a sense of curiosity and intrigue, eager to unravel the depths of his artistic exploration.

Artist:  Dmitry Mishin
Artist:  Dmitry Mishin

Artist: Dmitry Mishin