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4me4you features the Artist/Designer : Jack Irving

  • Jack Irving, hailing originally from Blackpool and currently at the helm of his own design studio in East London, epitomises the fusion of artistry and design in the realm of fashion.
  • His creative journey is a testament to his visionary approach, where he seamlessly intertwines elements of fantasy and experimental design.
  • Drawing profound inspiration from the depths of the ocean and the wonders of nature, Jack delves into realms unexplored, constantly pushing the boundaries of shape, silhouette, and metamorphosis.
  • What sets Jack apart is his unyielding commitment to innovation.
  • With an insatiable appetite for pushing the envelope, he crafts avant-garde concepts and forms that mesmerise audiences, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.
  • His creations possess a transformative quality, capable of transfixing viewers and transporting them to alternate dimensions where imagination reigns supreme.
  • In Jack’s hands, fashion transcends mere attire; it becomes wearable art, each piece a portal to his cosmic universe of hyper-reality
  • Evolving beyond traditional boundaries, Jack has ventured into immersive installation experiences, expanding his creative domain to encompass entire environments.
  • Central to Jack Irving’s ethos is his mission to orchestrate a spectacle of fantastical proportions, one that captivates onlookers with its theatrical grandeur. He seamlessly weaves together elements of live performance, technological marvels, and avant-garde fashion, creating immersive experiences that defy convention and ignite the senses.
  • Through his work, Jack Irving invites us to embrace the extraordinary, to revel in the beauty of the unconventional, and to immerse ourselves in the boundless realms of imagination. In his cosmic odyssey, the mundane dissolves, and the fantastical becomes tangible, offering a glimpse into a world where creativity knows no bounds.

Artist/designer : Jack Irving