Artist: Carsten Beck - 4me4you

4me4you features "angular, geometric and asymmetrical perspectives".

4me4you had the pleasure of visiting Rhodes Contemporary Gallery, where the artist Carsten Beck’s work was showcased.

  • Originally rooted in graphic design, illustration, and photography, Danish artist Carsten Beck has evolved his practice to focus on depicting angular, geometric forms and twisting asymmetrical perspectives. Drawing from Scandinavian minimalist and mid-century design, Beck employs oil paint to craft his architectural language, dominating sharp forms while maintaining areas of negative space.

"angular, geometric and asymmetrical perspectives".

  • Beck’s works, predominantly monochromatic, utilise contrasting shapes to subvert and manipulate the spaces they occupy, almost like optical illusions. His canvases, monumental in scale, marry geometric perspectives with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting his background in design and mathematics.
  • The intentional quality of Beck’s work transcends the superficial, imbuing his pieces with a sense of harmony and precision. Each composition carries a power that resonates beyond mere aesthetics, offering viewers a carefully balanced interplay of forms.

Artist: Carsten Beck