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4me4you Features - ‘Visual Dark and Neo-Romantic’.


4me4you welcomes the extraordinary talent of Instagram artist Black Liquid Ink, also known as Meyrignac Sébastien, hailing from the artistic landscape of France. 


Esteemed for his prowess as a visual dark and neo-romantic artist, he has honed his craft through the path of self-education.

  • Delving into the realm of multimedia, his creations are a symphony of skilful manipulation, blending, and editing, achieved through a masterful blend of Photoshop and Lightroom techniques. 

Artist: Black Liquid Ink
Artist: Black Liquid Ink
  • Drawing primarily from his own photographic repertoire, his works are imbued with a personal touch, though he also weaves in elements from royalty-free sources.

  • Particularly striking is his integration of AI, utilised to manipulate faces and enrich textures, resulting in compositions that exude a captivating allure entirely their own.

Artist: Black Liquid Ink
Artist: Black Liquid Ink