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4me4you Features - ‘Made proudly with AI’.


4me4you features the artist "" - ‘Made proudly with AI’.


Yuri Hahhalev, also known as "", is a seasoned photographer from Tallinn, Estonia.

  • Captivated by the new creative possibilities of AI generative art, Yuri explores its potential through his work. Drawing on his extensive background in photography, he employs Midjourney as a powerful tool to express his vision, delving into the intersections of beauty, art, and fashion.

Artist: ""
Artist: ""
  • Yuri finds inspiration in art, cinema, nature, and everyday life. Even a simple phrase from a YouTube video can spark his creativity. 

  • His process is always rooted in a concept or idea, often following a non-linear path. Reference images play a crucial role in his work, and he occasionally increases the “chaos” parameter to see if generative AI can surprise him — and sometimes it does.

Artist: ""
Artist: ""