4me4you visits “What’s Up” Group show.
The title of the show, with its multiplicity of meanings, points to a consideration of a particular strand of the contemporary art scene. Focusing on a rising generation of painters, alongside key artists work¬ing in drawing, photography, sculpture and video art, “What’s Up” incorporates several artists.



Markus Amm, Bianca Argimon, Flavie Audi, Julie Beaufils, Anouska Beckwith, Brian Belott, Katherine Bernhardt, Ry David Bradley, Matthew Brandt, Kerstin Bratsch, James Busby, Brian Calvin, Matthew Cerletty, Oliver Clegg, Petra Cortright, Alex Dordoy, Mark Flood, Jess Fuller, Patrick Groth, Aurelie Hoegy, Tom Holmes, Lauren Keeley, Paul Kneale, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Shio Kusaka, Friedrich Kunath, Zane Lewis, Sam Lipp, Marie Maillard, Alexander May, Alex Prager, Joe Reihsen, Mariah Robertson, Ry Rocklen, Sterling Ruby, Daniel Schubert, Gibb Slife, Emily Mae Smith, Despina Stokou, Matthew Stone, Peter Sutherland, Philipp Timischl, Johannes Vanderbeek, Jorinde Voigt, Eugenia Weinstein, Brian Wills, Jonas Wood, Nathan Zeidman.

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