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“4me4you” visits I’etrangere Gallery which showcased “- Lines and Thoughts – Franciszka Themerson’s
I’etrangere Gallery..>>- Lines and Thoughts – refers to the fluidity and rhythms that characterise the pictorial language and immediacy of Franciszka Themerson’s approach to both paper and canvas. Embedded within this title, however, is a gesture towards the artistic challenge of finding one’s own particular visual language, of finding a seamless passage between interior thought and exterior execution. As Themerson described in her 1957 talk, ‘Bi-Abstract Pictures’, which remains the most important commentary by the artist on her own practice, the plight lay in the search for a language that was able to define the world around her. What is revealed by her statement is the incapacity of existing communicative tools, be they visual or linguistic, to express and define these immediate surroundings.

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