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“4me4you” visits Lazarides Gallery, which featured ■ FLESH ■ BLOOD ■ SUBSTANCE ■ – GOLGO
Lazarides Gallery..>”Something started happening with age, migraines, spasms, weakened eyesight, a loss of breath is ever more common now. This body of mine has become a personal reminder of my personal decay. In the manner of Gunther Von Hagens, a need to dig into my flesh grew every day, I needed to play inside this intricate machine, to view its absolute delicacy and grotesque detail: our bodies, the physical representations of movement, energy, life and finitude. From a young age I dreamt of becoming a surgeon, of one day being able to manoeuvre a human body, to cut it, feel it, expose it and sow it back together. Life took its turns but this uneasy curiosity still today remains.
■ FLESH ■ BLOOD ■ SUBSTANCE ■ is the autopsy of my spirit, a reinterpretation of science and soul, an exploration of our concrete presence and inevitable disintegration. This group of work is the frag mentation of my personal approach towards the reasons behind the malady of aging, changing and existing as substance. Oils, red and blues took the place of scalpels; with them I glanced into the viscera of the corporal and the essence behind the fluidity of extinguishing vitality. Here lies what I feel and perceive as the vacuum of ever changing life and intrinsic end.”

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