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4me4you visits The Cob Gallery which showcased Ben Ashton – “The King is Dead, Long Live The King”.

The Cob Gallery..>This series sees Ashton imbuing his imagery with a new fluidity – this fluidity can be seen as a product of his increasingly gestural use of source photography. Poses or attitudes are struck by the figures in this series as they move through the composition, dragging trails of light with them. The process is more evocative of a dance than simply holding a pose; it is through this constant motion that the images express a vitality and dynamism, prized by the artist as departure from the precise painting execution associated with past works.
In the character and gestural dynamism of these subjects, Ashton explores a metaphor of Dionysian and Apollonian duality. Apollo represents individualism, control and the order of the universe and Dionysus represents emotion, chaos and collective unity. Through the dichotomy of these two powerful forces comes artistic creation, and indeed procreation.

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