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“4me4you” visits PI Artworks which featured the artists Alex Anikina, Omer Even-Paz, huber.huber, Manuel Mathieu, Rachel McRae, Mark Salvatus, Victoria Sin.

– Will Nature Make A Man Of MeYet –

Nature as a subject depicted in art has persisted since the invention of the word art in the western world. The relationship between then the two, fueld by the Platonic notion of mimesis, has greatly affected how nature can be seen as either subject or object (especially in a time where rapid reconsiderations about modernity are merging with global debates on climate change and the end of the world).Themes of nature, in the arts, have always provoked important questions regarding the distinction between natural and artificial; complicating the relationship between these two spheres of being.

4me4you  takes a look at there work…>>>

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