4me4you would like to introduce you to omino71

Since the late nineties omino71 spreads his idea of pop(ular) art between superheroes, saints, toys and children in a “mash up” with definitely saturated hues.

In his production he alternated street art interventions (murals, posters and stickers) with neo-pop exhibitions, participating in hundreds of solo and group expo in all the world.

Restless from birth, omino71 was also the author and editor of collective projects, with numerous collaborations national and international.

In recent years omino71 was invited to create site-specific installations by some institutions such as the M.A.C.RO. (Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome), the House of Architecture in Rome (Acquario Romano) and the Teatro Palladium in Rome, without abandoning the self-managed spaces such as the M.A.A.M., Urban Area, M.U.Ro. and Muracci Nostri.

iro to represent Italy in the project Memento Italy-Brasil.

From 2014 his artworks are exposed in international institutions such as the MINAC in Costanza, the Palace of Parliament of Romania in Bucarest and the Museum for Contemporary Art in Sofia.

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