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4me4you you features the artist: WATERCOLOURS by Gino Galante.

Has we have followed the footsteps of this artist from recent posts within our Submissions, we have opened up the platform within our Art’s  category to show further works from Gino Galante WaterColours series.

To have found this artist, whom was more than happy to have his worked featured within our Submissions was a great achievement.

Having researched artists throughout the internet brought a fresh perspective on what I view also get introduced to – “Watercolours”.

Something kept bring me back to this artist simplicity and creativity, which was outstanding to see, which made me research more into watercolored artists, which I look forward to seeing in the future..

“Art is a ghost, that lives in the deep darkness of our soul, we must try to discover it, to bring it too light, with courage and passion, without any fear”…Gino Galante

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