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4me4you visits Sadie Coles Gallery which featured the Artist: Paul Anthony Harford – “Real Life”.

Sadie Coles Gallery… >The drawings by Paul Anthony Harford focuses on the elements of social realism and close observation that run through Harford’s work – as reflected by his fascination for the incidental , the every day and the offbeat. 

The drawings capture the characters and environments of the seaside towns where he spent much of his life, oscillating between humour and subdued melancholy.

Drawn from photographs, observation and memory, their small-scale settings and incidents are refracted through a precise graphic style to become faintly uncanny, absurd or macabre.

Harford’s scenes often tilt in this way from the everyday into the incongruous. Certain drawings incorporate surreal or violent elements that conjure a fable-like mood..

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