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4me4you visits Rosenfeld Porcini, which featured a joint exhibition by the artist’s Enrique Brinkmann and Veronica Vazquez – “a very human rationality”.

Rosenfeld Porcini. >Although his works are not strictly self-portraits, they do reflect his purest desires, thoughts, and feelings. 

The intense responses which the artworks of both Enrique Brinkman and Verónica Vazquez conjure up in us relate to one of the principle dilemmas which govern our lives: the need for order, whilst contemporaneously nurturing a primal desire for freedom. The evident sense of structure and geometry, which exists in nearly all their works, is subsequently torpedoed by what takes place within the apparently rational space. The emotivity derives from that unresolvable tension; the coldness which lies behind rationality and the passion which is inherent in the gesture for liberation from the shackles of perfect form.

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