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4me4you visits 508 Gallery  which showcased Maximilian Hembrow – ”SYNESTHESIA”.

Maximilian Hembrow uses music has his muse, through rhythm, motion and depth, using complimentary and contrasting colours brought together to enhance each other, creating a sense of vibrancy and intensity.

“My theory behind my painting is a result of my visualisation of music. Very much in the same way that Kandinsky did. Certain songs reflected in the emotion of specific paintings which bring me joy”.  
Max infuses his works with musical notes. For example, role of the lute in some the work to illustrate sound and harmony; the tone of the lute almost immediately disappears once it has been strummed, a metaphor for the painting being plucked from a moment in time.

Max’s works are vibrant, portraying classical methods of painting in his work while reinventing traditional styles and techniques of the figure in space.

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