“4me4you” visits Rook & Raven Gallery showcasing Eileen Cooper – ‘Love-in-Idleness’
Rook & Raven Gallery.>.’Love-in-Idleness’, is taken from a speech by Oberon’s in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, a play which encapsulates many of Cooper’s themes – falling in love, the intensity of relationships, passion, are amongst her perennial subjects. The setting for Midsummer Nights Dream, its secret woods, magic forests together with the sleeping figures are rich and potent subjects for her. For Cooper the challenge in making these works is to manage the relationship between realism and poetry through painterly lyrical expressionism.
Sometimes described as a magic realist, Eileen Cooper brings an unapologetically female perspective to her subject-matter. Her concerns are as relevant and timeless as those of the human spirit itself, encompassing sexuality, motherhood, life and death. Her richly diverse images, simultaneously bold and tender, reveal a range of feeling that is both deeply engrossing and readily accessible, yet still very much part of contemporary art practice.






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