“4me4you” visits Pi Art Works Gallery which featured Nejat Sati: “CRACKS”.
Pi Art Works Gallery…>Sati mixes his paint with a viscous, transparent acrylic gel. A generous amount of this mixture is then swept across the canvas and over its edges by either a brush or a squeegee. Once dry, the pigmented gel’s waxy consistency transforms into a hard, shiny, plastic-like surface. Due his material’s semi-transparent nature, the artist does not fully control the outcome and often small bands of underlying colour peer through, contrasting with the colour of the uppermost layer, creating a sense of movement. Therefore, while the creation of each work is similar, nuances in composition and shade make each outcome distinctively different from the last.
Divorced from the restrictions of figurative depiction, Sati’s practice focuses on the application and manipulation of his medium. For him, it is just as much about testing his signature material’s inherent creative potential, and exploring how the fluctuating transparency effects how the colours juxtapose with each other, as it is about the artwork’s final form.

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