4me4you” visits BSMTGallery which featured RYCA : -) DANCE ACID RAVE 

BSMTGallery..>.DANCE ACID RAVE :Ryan Callanan, (aka RYCA), is an Essex based artist who is well-known in the Street and modern Pop Art worlds. Using his experience in 3D work and traditional painting techniques RYCA playfully cross references by taking one item out of its context and splicing it with another to create something that feels familiar but whose meaning is subtly shifted. Older generations will recognise these references from their childhood and youth while for the newer enthusiast, his is a journey back in time to the heyday of plastic toys with a new found collectibility.

4me4you..>This was just great to capture and listening to music from that time whilst in the gallery brought back some terrific memories and put a smile on my face. 

Happy times clubbing…a fun series of works..

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