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4me4you” visits RHODES Gallery, which featured “Dying Surfer Meets His Maker” by: Sepe.

RHODES Gallery..>>Beside spray paint and acrylics; Sepe started experimenting with tar, oils and a special solvent that creates peculiar stains of colors.  This technical change led to using panels over canvases, as his technique became more intense and aggressive. Working within a limited colour palette in which bright blue and red are dominating, the artist is clearly putting out the idea of conflict as the key element for the scenes or subjects he is depicting. Whether an intimate, mental, or social and physical, it is an element that is imbued through this body of work.

4me4you..>I really enjoyed viewing Sepe’s works. The name of the show does not quite reflect what I expected, but the visuals are just outstanding.  There are so many different characters within you can look at and then choose the one you like.  The colours and imagery used are just great.  

I have a few favorites, but you too have yours

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