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4me4you visits Unit London Gallery, which showcased

Fathoms” BY: Will Martyr

Unit London Gallery..>Martyr’s, Fathoms, consists exclusively of circular tondos.   Encouraging the viewer to inhabit the paintings with their own projections, leading them through an introspective journey through their memories.

In some scenes, we are transported to the poolside, where a bright beach ball bobs atop the rippling meniscus of the turquoise water, and sun chairs line the poolside like an empty amphitheater.  In others, the viewer is placed atop a mountain ski resort, on a bluebird day, corduroy snow still fresh and untouched.

4me4you..>such a beautiful collection of work by Will Martyr, which really draws you in to go and see for yourself. Great thoughts when photographing; at the same time, saying I need to go on a holiday; all expenses paid. I laughed but highly enjoyed.

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