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4me4you visits Opera Gallery which featured ANDY DENZLER

Anatomy Of The Mind”.

More than one year ago the world started changing radically. Our lives and travelling habits have become more challenging than ever. 

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Throughout this changing process, Denzler’s imagination allows us to make a journey in time and space, whilst confined in our homes. Thanks to the strength of the mind, the artist transports us to a realm of idyllic landscapes comforting our feeling of longing. 

Anatomy of the Mind refers to our capacity as humans to use our minds to travel, even when our physical bodies cannot. What distinguishes this unique series of paintings is the contrast between the still figures and the dystopian landscapes. 

my process


As explained by the artist: “I have painted these new works during lockdown at a time when travelling was not possible. I started to paint these places of longing; it is a form of escapism and a desire to create invented places. Rather than just telling stories or documenting a certain situation, my paintings depict people in a new light. The invented landscapes are the results of multiple layers of different images. The possibilities are endless.”

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