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4me4you visits Chrom.Art which presented ‘TetraChrome’ - BY JIM VISION

4me4you visits Chrom.Art which presented ‘TetraChrome’ a solo show of artworks produced by artist and large-scale painter Jim Vision during the London Covid lockdown.

These fantastical paintings of hope represent a change of pace for an artist usually found painting large walls and buildings.

Those that are more accustomed to seeing the artist’s work on a grander scale in outdoor settings might be surprised to see the scaled-down abstract portraiture and work with acrylic and oils here…or the showcase of special prints that form Jim’s Colourful Women Series: a string of London street murals painted in 2020 celebrating women of colour.


Q & A:

(*) What was the inspiration for this new show? Is there a particular theme?

I decided to try to level up my portraiture this lockdown. Teaching myself oil painting, producing awesome new paintings and letting the inspiration of boredom take control. Time is an excellent thing to have, so this really was the result of not having any other projects and enjoying the challenge and freedom of the creative process.

(**) Do you have any words of advice for those that might be interested in the street art scene, and painting walls or murals?

The best advice I always give is to draw, always, in your sketchbook. Grab some paint and use it.  Make a plan, or go freestyle and attack the wall. There will be more spray paint in the future and you will get better the more you paint so go for it. Those walls won’t paint themselves.


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