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4me4you invites you to look at - “Figurative - Abstract - Landscape”

4me4you invites you to look at“Figurative – Abstract – Landscape”  held at the Baker Howard Contemporary Gallery.

THE BAKER HOWARD CONTEMPORARY featured a selection of artists within their new gallery space.


All our artists have an outstanding ability, very few have received the commercial recognition they deserve, and many are potential stars of the future.

Artists include: – Anna Judy Dias/ Anna Mazzotta/ Dasha Art/ Dieter Hanf

Artists include: – Emma Coyle/ Emmanuelle Revel-Pellet/ Irene Hoff/ Jake Nason/ Jim Starr/ Luong Trung/ Mai Huy Dzung

Artists include: –  Mirek Struzik/  Sabdor Barics/ Sherpa Khan/ Tim Kingsmill-Brown

For further information take a look:


Gallery02: @bakerhowardcontemporary

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