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..an audiovisual experience which follows the adventures of Queen Elizabeth II into a post-apocalyptic Covid-riddled world. Alexander Augustus wrote and produced this during the global lockdown of 2020, in collaboration with creatives in the UK and Germany

As the “Leavers“ rush to escape their human bodies by transforming into mech-organic creatures, the “Remainers“ scramble to find some way to survive without them. Armies of Key Workers toil on through the toxic haze and disease, as the elites reveal their new immune bodies to the applause of the global media. Elizabeth, lost and unrecognisable in this new world, would catalyse a transformation quite unlike the others – a being which would change everything.

Artist / Author – Alexander Augustus

Narrator – Daniel Collard

Music – Cornelius Link

Special thanks – Isaac Liddle

* WARNING – This artwork contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing, strong language from the start, scenes of suicide and strong bloody violence *

Audiovisual series – Writing, illustration, animation, performance, music. 3 Volumes : 12 chapters. First serialised in Media Art Centre Route 17, South Korea (2020).

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