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4me4you features The Hidden Giant of the 'Golden Circle’.


4me4you recently visited the Saatchi Yates Gallery, where the primary emphasis was on the artworks created by Neil Stokoe.


Neil Stokoe, often regarded as the hidden giant within the esteemed 'Golden Circle' of the Royal College of Art, stood among illustrious contemporaries such as David Hockney, Frank Bowling, R.B. Kitaj, Allen Jones, and Patrick Caulfield.

4me4you features: The Hidden Giant of the 'Golden Circle’.


  • Despite the urging of his close friend Francis Bacon to showcase his paintings, Stokoe shied away from the vibrant art scene of 1960s London, leading to his relative obscurity today. It wasn’t until his retirement in 2002 that Stokoe unveiled any of his work, having lived a solitary, reclusive life dedicated to intensive studio work in his west London residence, devoid of any desire for public exhibition.



  • Now, featuring paintings from his estate, some never before displayed, the exhibition offered an insight into the essence and evolution of Stokoe’s art across decades.
  • His invigorating style transcends time, with many pieces reflecting the psychologically charged interior spaces emblematic of the 1960s and 1970s.



  • Inspired by architect Richard Meier, Stokoe’s lush oil-on-canvas depictions of interiors captivate viewers.


  • His later works from the 1980s and 1990s venture into experimental realms, featuring gestural paintwork and the bold, sharp hues reminiscent of Pop Art, as evidenced in the piece ‘Spiral Staircase with Two Figures’. Echoes of earlier themes persist, influenced by his exploration of landscape architecture in his formative years.
  • Neil Stokoe’s son reflecting on his father’s legacy, remarked, “Neil crafted a distinctive body of figurative painting, nurtured within the Royal College of Art’s familiar milieu but cultivated in relative darkness, obscurity, and isolation from prevailing trends



  • This allowed him to maintain a high level of quality control over his work and shielded him from superficial art world trends. Only posthumously is his work beginning to receive the acknowledgment and acclaim it deserves.”

Artist: Neil Stoke

Gallery: Saatchi Yates