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4me4you Features - ‘SMALL TALK’.


4me4you visits UNIT LONDON Gallery which featured the artist Ziping Wang.


4me4you recently had the pleasure of visiting UNIT LONDON Gallery which featured artist Ziping Wang. Unit London Gallery recently hosted an engaging exhibition showcasing the works of artist Ziping Wang, titled "Small Talk".

Delving into the intricacies of everyday life, Wang's exploration of common themes reflects in her artistic endeavours.


  • While maintaining her signature motif of commercial product packaging, Wang’s compositions undergo a fascinating transformation, as these visual elements gradually recede into the background, obscured and distorted.
Artist: Ziping Wang
Artist: Ziping Wang
  • Reminiscent of the abstract expressionist technique of “all-over painting”, each component of Wang’s artwork commands equal attention, leading the viewer’s gaze across the canvas in a fluid dance of forms and colours. 
  • “Small Talk” emerges as a compelling experiment in the process of painting, as Wang intuitively navigates through layers of fragmented depictions, vividly saturated to capture the contemporary phenomenon of information overload. 
Artist: Ziping Wang
  • Colliding patterns and intersecting imagery mirror the bustling abundance of modern life, while areas of neutral chequerboard grids provide a grounding contrast, offsetting the vibrant chaos. 
Artist: Ziping Wang
Artist: Ziping Wang
  • Wang’s fascination with the overlooked visuals of everyday existence, particularly the dynamic colours and designs found in food packaging, remains a driving force behind her work.
  • Yet, in “Small Talk”, these images transcend their nostalgic associations, serving as raw material to contribute to Wang’s concept of a “curated surface”.

Artist: Ziping Wang