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4Me4You Features - ‘Spark of Fire’.

Artist: Santiago Parra


Recently, 4me4you had the privilege of immersing ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of JD Malat Gallery, where the spotlight shone on the remarkable artist Santiago Parra.


The monochromatic paintings contain a rich texture and varied tones through which the dark black acrylic paint consumes all things rational and presents to us the vastness of life unvarnished.

Entitled "Spark of Fire," the exhibition serves as a testament to Parra's evolving artistic journey, presenting a captivating array of monochromatic paintings alongside his foray into a novel mode of expression.y.

Parra, driven by a desire to encapsulate intuition, emotion, and raw feeling within his art, eschews rationality in favour of a deeply instinctual approach. Each brushstroke, unfettered by conscious thought, breathes life into the canvas, inviting viewers to delve into a world shaped by pure creative impulse.

Artist: Santiago Parra
  • In the hands of an artist, ostensibly lifeless objects—a can of paint, a blank canvas, a paintbrush—spring to life, converging harmoniously to compose captivating works of art. The exhibition’s title, “Spark of Fire,” draws a poignant parallel to mythological narratives, evoking the transformative power of energy in awakening inert matter. Just as Prometheus breathed life into clay sculptures and bestowed upon humanity the divine gift of fire, Parra infuses his compositions with a vitality that transcends their material origins.

Artist: Santiago Parra
Artist: Santiago Parra
  • Within the confines of “Spark of Fire,” each painting serves as a vessel for the retelling of primordial tales, inviting viewers to traverse landscapes imbued with the ebb and flow of nature’s forces. From the tumultuous depths of the ocean to the dynamic interplay of form and movement, Parra’s works encapsulate the essence of creation’s genesis.

  • With an uninhibited flourish, Parra unleashes a torrent of creative energy onto vast canvases, his technique ranging from cascading torrents of paint to frenetic, calligraphic brushstrokes. The resulting series stands as a testament to the artist’s boundless creativity and unrestrained expression, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of discovery through the boundless realm of artistic possibility.


Artist: Santiago Parra