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4me4you features the artist Rex.


Rex, also known as REX, is a pseudonymous American artist and illustrator whose work is closely intertwined with the homosexual fetish art scene of 1970s and 1980s New York and San Francisco. Renowned for his distinct style, Rex has deliberately maintained anonymity, eschewing photographs and personal discussions.

‘I signed myself REX’.

  • His drawings exerted significant influence on gay culture, notably through iconic graphics designed for renowned nightclubs like the Mineshaft, as well as impacting fellow artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe. Despite widespread censorship, Rex remains enigmatic, asserting that his drawings fundamentally shaped his identity and that alternative “truths” are nonexistent.
Artist: Rex
  • His artistic journey was profoundly shaped by a chance encounter with a likely bootleg magazine featuring the works of Tom of Finland, an event he claimed “irrevocably changed his life.

Artist: Rex
  • ” Quickly establishing himself with his unique black-and-white pen-and-ink style, Rex became synonymous with an emerging S&M graphic aesthetic, alongside luminaries like Dom Orejudos (aka Etienne and Stephen), Steve Masters (‘Mike’ Miksche), and Luger (Jim French). The raw sexual energy of Rex’s early drawings resonated deeply with the burgeoning leather scene in neighbourhoods like Greenwich Village, Chelsea, and the meatpacking district.

  • Preferring the pseudonym “REX” for its non-specific and untraceable nature during the era, Rex navigated a socio-cultural landscape where conservative attitudes and homophobic sentiments could yield severe repercussions, particularly within the realm of gay pornography.

Artist: Rex
  • Operating as a freelance artist, Rex initially found work illustrating a series of Rough Trade pulp books in 1972, characterised by 12 images per story. He also undertook poster commissions for various leather shops and gay bars across the United States, with his most notable pieces crafted for the Mineshaft nightclub. These posters and T-shirts, numbering in the tens of thousands, adorned the club during its 13-year tenure and even featured prominently in the film “Cruising.” Rex’s illustrations unabashedly depicted the sexual dynamics and liberated spirit of the pre-AIDS gay community, notably celebrating the culture of gay bathhouses.

Artist: Rex
Artist: Rex
  • Additional commissions included the creation of a poster for the Pleasure Chest sex boutique in 1976, which subsequently led to his artwork gracing early covers of Drummer magazine in 1977 and advertisements for the poppers brand BOLT in 1980. Through his prolific and boundary-pushing work, Rex left an indelible mark on the landscape of gay erotic art, challenging societal norms and celebrating the vitality of gay subculture.

Artist: Rex