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4me4you features the artist/photographer Kamila J Gruss.

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Kamila J Gruss

my work

Please briefly describe your photography style for our readers.?

I have been struggling with depression for several years and photography is a kind of therapy for me. I pour out the feelings that I have inside me on pictures, creating stories that allow me to work through the emotions that torment me. I try to play with photography, often giving another dimension to normal scenes. Sometimes they are colourful like in fairy tales and sometimes very dark and whimsical like in Pan’s Labyrinth. Photography opened my eyes and allowed me to see more of the world around us but also inside us. 

my process

Where do you get inspiration from?

I find an inspiration everywhere: in literature, art, film, music, in smells, colours, feelings, in the light and in the dark, in paving or a drop of water.

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What does photography mean to you?

Photography is my passion, way of catching my breath. It is a part of me, which I love to get lost in, be surprised by, part, where I do get to create versions of realities that resonate with my sensitivity, most. It is precisely when I enter this sphere, I rest the most. It’s always the photos, I am in a process of creating that are the last thing on my mind, just before I fall asleep. Being “in the moment”; observing the nature and all that is around me, seems to be an endless source of an inspiration. Little details I focus on, somehow end up being a content of picture growing and maturing within me, I will pain one day.

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