Artist: Benat - 4me4you

4me4you Features - "gestural mark-making".


4me4you had the pleasure of visiting Rhodes Contemporary Gallery, where the artist Beñat's work was featured.


Beñat's expressionist paintings place a strong emphasis on form and composition, utilising a variety of mediums to reconnect with the past through organic shapes and tonal canvases.

"Gestural Mark-making".

  • Employing abstract expression, Beñat’s gestural mark-making and creation of forms reflect the natural world’s shapes and shadows. His pieces are crafted using a blend of thick acrylic paint, dirt, charcoal, and pencil, resulting in a distinctively intricate aesthetic.

Artist: Benat
  • The monochromatic palette of Beñat’s works mirrors the unexplored realms of his mind. Engaged in a journey of reconnecting with his past, Beñat utilises these bold compositions as a personal map, tracing back and rediscovering intimate moments held within his memory.

  • These thematic explorations, coupled with the expressionist style, signify Beñat’s refusal to adhere to literal representations or fixed visual explanations. Instead, they foster a sense of intimate connection between the viewer and the canvases.






Artist: Benat