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Artist: Poppy Slush

4me4you features the artist Poppy Slush.


Introducing Mona Himbasan, also known as "Poppy Slush," whose journey as an artist unfolds against the backdrop of a country shrouded in oppression, where shades of grey dominate the landscape. However, her narrative takes a transformative turn when her family relocates to Germany during her formative teenage years, unveiling a world of boundless possibilities that would profoundly alter her trajectory.

In Germany, Mona embarks on a voyage of exploration and self-discovery. Immersed in the vibrant tapestry of music, fashion, design, photography, and interior decor, she finds herself captivated by the myriad avenues of creative expression that lay before her. Surrounded by a community of talented and imaginative individuals, Mona discovers inspiration at every corner, fuelling her artistic aspirations.

  • Her artistic journey initially centres on photography, where she meticulously hones her craft in capturing the intricate beauty of nature, delving into botanical subjects with a keen eye for detail and structure.
  • A year ago, Mona’s artistic horizons expand exponentially as she stumbles upon Midjourney—a revelation that ignites a newfound passion within her. Immersed in a realm where fantasy reigns supreme, she finds herself enraptured by the boundless possibilities it presents.
  • As an artist, Mona seeks solace in the act of creating beauty amidst the tumult of the world. Drawn to aesthetic concepts, she allows her imagination to roam freely, weaving worlds of wonder and enchantment through her artistry.

Artist: Poppy Slush